Sri Lankans Celebrate Day Of Mourning Date Change

celeSri Lankans up and down the country have broken out in celebration on the news that a day of mourning initially set for 31st December has been altered to the day prior, allowing revellers to drink copious amounts of alcohol and usher the New Year as they mean to go on.

The day of mourning was declared as a mark of respect for the late Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake. A Minister for the Home Office said, “While we had initially set the day of mourning for the 31st, the Finance Ministry has said we would be committing economic suicide by preventing the sale of alcohol on New Year’s Eve. We also realised that Sri Lankans have suffered enough this year under Yahapaalanaya and it would not be fair to let them end the year and start the new year on a damp note.”

“So we announced the change in the date but we did not expect such an outpour of jubilation. People have been celebrating almost like they will on New Year’s Eve. Maybe it’s a practice run. We hope to make further date changes to future days of mourning to see if it will have the same effect,” he added.

One reveller said, “Bomu pang. Put to fall. Nava Gilunath Band Chuun.”

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