Thilanga Thanks West Indies For Helping Sri Lanka Qualify For World Cup By Letting Chris Gayle Play For SL

CG SLC 1Cricket Board President sans excellence, Thilanga Sumathipala, today announced a victory of his presidency when he extended an invitation to West Indies batsman Chris Gayle to play for Sri Lanka as a means of thanking this team for the role they played in securing the Lankan team’s qualification to the World Cup.

In a press conference, the widely unadmired Sumathipala said, “I am grateful that the West Indies team saved me from further embarrassment. But to be honest, that is one emotion I do not feel as is obvious as I stumble from one calamity to another without being phased. To recognise the contribution of the West Indies in this effort, I decided to invite Chris Gayle to play for our team in the World Cup.”

The West Indies batsman said, “Thilanga in an inspiration to me. Sometimes when I need to hit a six, I imagine the ball being his head, and that has helped me to score runs.”

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