Things Could Be Worse. I Could’ve Been Playing Cricket For Sri Lanka: Ravi

rkcHaving been caught out himself, former Foreign Minister Ravi Karunanayake said that despite being ostracized for possessing a faulty moral compass, he could have been suffering a worse fate had been playing cricket for Sri Lanka.

Speaking from his yacht, Mr Karunanayake said, “Although I was run out of office, I managed to score a rent free apartment which makes my tenure a good innings. I pushed the boundary of decency but never crossed the line. In the end all that happened to me was that I was pushed down the order and am now a back bench warmer. But at least my team are not performing as bad as the national cricket team. Imagine my fate if I was selected to represent the country?”

“These boys can’t last five days, where I remained an upright member of society for several months. It’s not so hard when you have the right team behind you, paying your bills and funding your lifestyle,” he added.

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