Too Early To Pick Sanga As Selector But Still Not Too Late To Appoint Nishantha: Arjuna

ARFormer World Cup winning captain Arjuna Ranatunga, whose latest athletic achievement involves sporting a slightly dubious moustache in public, said that while it was too early to have appointed Kumar Sangakkara as a selector, it is not too late to appoint his brother Nishatha Ranathunga to the selector’s committee.

Speaking at a press conference with more mics than journalists in attendance, Mr Ranatunga said, “My brother used to be the gatekeeper with regards to ensuring responsibility in the selection committee. He selected the selectors. Of course, some people are going to ask who selected the selector who selected the selectors. However, it is not too late to appoint Nishantha because he has a brilliant track record, especially of being my brother. There are only two other people who have the same track record and in my opinion, they too should be considered as nominees to the selection committee.”

Prasanna Ranatunga, who filmed the press conference with his camera phone said, “I can also vouch for Nishantha’s track record as being Arjuna’s brother. He’s selected Arjuna as his brother several times and never been let down.”

When asked for a comment about Arjuna, the former Secretary of Sri Lanka Cricket and jailbird Nishantha said, “He’s a little heavy, but he’s my brother. And I’m innocent of financial irregularities at CSN because it was financially regular for us to syphon government money through the company. Nothing irregular about that.”

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