Translation Racket Busted: Chinese Translations At Local Restaurants Revealed As Kung Fu Moves

ChineseRA massive scandal erupted this afternoon after a tourist who visited a Chinese restaurant and is versed in the language was surprised to find out that the Chinese translations of items in the menu were actually a list of Kung Fu moves that were only added to con patrons into believing that the cuisine at the establishment was authentic.

Speaking to the media she said, “As my native tongue is Chinese I usually read the menu in that language first and when I was presented with the menu I was surprised to read a list of Kung Fu moves. I initially thought I had mistakenly come for a Karate class and that they charged by the move, but having asked the waiter for a ‘Loong Fu Chuit Yein’ (Dragon and Tiger Appear) and a ‘Lo Hon Khaik Ku’ (Lohan Strikes Drum), I was taken aback to receive a Hot Butter Cuttlefish and a Prawn Toast’.”

One translator who was apprehend said, “The restaurants asked if we knew English and we needed the money badly so we said ‘Ress’. This should have given the game away but they believed us and presented us with the menu to translate. Despite claiming to be Chinese we have never heard of some of these dishes – what is a kang kung?. So we decided to just give name them after Kung Fu moves. They anyway said it was a marketing ploy to add a ‘Chinese flavour’ to the menu so it didn’t need to be accurate.”

The person who uncovered the scandal said that she was most concerned when she read the item ‘Lassie’ in Chinese on the menu, but the owner said that is was not a bid to attract Chinese tourists with a delicacy but a drink to offer Indians who visit the restaurant.

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