Trump Says That Large Crowd At Mahinda’s Rally Is An Alternative Fact As Attendance Surpasses Inauguration

Donald Trump today dismissed the attendance figures put forward by the Joint Opposition’s from last evening’s rally as an  ‘alternative fact’ after initial indications suggested that attendance was greater than that for the US President’s inauguration.

nrtSpeaking at a press conference, President Trump said, “That picture is a fake. Just like the fake Maithri that accompanied Mahinda on election day on January 8 2015. And that election in Sri Lanka was a fraud of an election because the person who got the most votes won. And I didn’t win that election. So it’s an election for losers. But I won the US election so I’m the best. It was the best election in the history of elections. That’s a fact/ All other elections that I didn’t win are total failures.”

“Who throws a rally in Nugegoda during peak traffic in Nugegoda anyway? Who does that? Why would anyone want to inconvenience people during rush hour when you can inconvenience them for a lifetime with discriminatory policies. And look who attended – those are all illegal immigrants. They came to the country of Nugegoda from other countries in Sri Lanka without having their visas checked properly. It looks like a huge crowd but the crowd at the inauguration was yuger. It’s true. And it’s all men – there were no pussies to grab,” he added.

Former President Mahinda Rajapakse said, “The only thing yuge is my bank balance.”

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