Vasu to Party Like it’s a General Election

Prominent leftist and general moaner Vasudiva Nanayakkara revealed today that he plans to inaugurate a new political party ahead of the proposed general election. The top secret plan was revealed to the media, at a public press conference as top secret plans usually are. The shrewd politician turned spoilt pumpkin hopes to tap into the latent masses and ride the crest of a political wave which will give a new lease of life to his flagging career and beard.

The Sri Lanka Amalgamated Pakayas [SLAP] will seek to bring together politicians from different parties to form a beatable coalition. In fact, Nonayakka has publicly identified the current PM as a potential member of the party.

Asked how he would garner popular support, the veteran said “This is a plan that has been in motion for some time. Have you not seen our membership? There are millions. Pak-shikayas are everywhere. Haven’t you seen how they identify each other on the street when driving by in their cars?”

The new party will compete under the feather symbol because as he pointed out “Can’t have SLAP without some tickle no?”

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