We Just Want Sri Lanka To Be The First Petrol Free Country Say Striking CPC Employees

A spokesperson for the trade union representing the workers of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation said that all they are trying to do is help the country move away from fossil fuels, and if that means brining the country to a standstill then so be it.

Speaking from his car, which had just been filled with fuel to the brim, the spokesperson said, “I recently read a story that Britain and France have said that they will ban petrol vehicles over the next decade. But those countries are just procrastinating – this can be achieved in a matter of months and we have already kick started this process. But we had to force it through because the government lacked initiative.”

One person who made living out of transporting people said, “This is just the incentive I needed to ditch my petrol car and drive a more economically friendly vehicle. I’m just waiting for World Bank to approve my loan of 35 million to purchase a Tesla and then I’ll be back on the roads in no time. And considering our stable energy sector, this decision is a no brainer.”

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