We’re Going To Have To Endure The Traffic Nightmare Say Ministers Who Got Luxury Car Permits

MS CArIn an under-reported story which has been doing the rounds, it alleged that Government Ministers received luxury car permits and have been complaining that they will now have to endure the nightmare traffic on the roads as a result.

The luxury permits, which were apparently issued to Ministers just after Avurudu as part of the Government’s program to cut down on spending. One Minister, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said “We barely get around in this crazy traffic in our normal vehicles despite the backup and ignoring road rules and now we have to do it in luxury cars that we don’t have to pay for. It’s very inconvenient – the new sun roof in my luxury car cannot be used due to the heat wave. Plus the glove compartment didn’t come with any gloves, so what am I supposed to put there now?”

A member of the public said, “I have decided that I will put  my ambitions of buying a car on hold and spend all that money on becoming a politician. Car prices are increasing but if you become a politician you can get one for almost nothing. So better to aim for that. And you don’t even need to be competent. I think the most important thing to do is hold regular press conferences without much substance.”

A member of Cabinet echoed this view, saying “People are complaining about public transport, but as we told them several times we are not going to do anything about it. They should aim to become politicians then they don’t need to take public transport apart from for a photo opportunity.”

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