‘What’s The Point Of The Autopilot Button Then?’ Asks SL Airlines Pilot Suspended For Drinking

drunk pilotA Sri Lankan  Airline pilot who was suspended on suspicion he had access a better quality alcohol in his room mini bar than he knew would be available on the flight and consumed it all, has questioned the existence of the autopilot button on the plane if not to be used in situations like this.

On hearing the news of his suspension, the pilot said, “I had to train very hard to be a pilot and spent several hours in the air. But the airline manufacturers knew that things can go wrong and that a fail-safe autopilot button should be installed for such emergencies. What if the pilot decides to join the mile high club? What if someone starts recording a song in mid-air which will go viral and they want the whole crew to take part? These are situations where the autopilot is used.”

“This the first time I was provided a mini bar that had rare single malt included and I was told it was on-the-house. I knew that even if I got tipsy I could just press the autopilot and everything would be fine. How was I to know I would be breathalysed? But even then, I always carry a thousand rupee note for such eventualities and normally just pay the cop. But the German authorities don’t do bribes unless you mention the war,” he added.

A spokesperson for Sri Lankan Airlines said, “We are looking at upgrading the quality of alcohol served on the flight so our pilots can get drunk mid-air and not on take off. Most landings make it seem like the pilot is drunk so we might as well let them have an actual drink.”

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