‘Who Came First – Chicken Or The Egg?’ Replaced By ‘Who’s To Blame First The Briber Or The Bribee?': Harsha

harshDr Harsha De Silva said that the question of the chicken and the egg should be updated to ponder as to if the briber or the bribee is to blame.

Speaking at a conference last evening, Dr De Silva said, “First of all, Shut Up. Second of all, if you can’t stand up because you have a pain in your leg or are suffering from a back strain, then Shut Up. Now all those who haven’t paid a bribe please stand up. Of course, Sujeeva Senasinghe and Wijeyadasa Rajapakse who are next to me, are not able to stand up because they both have paid bribes to secure dodgy knee so they have to remain seated.”

“The reason why so many politicians stand and sit during Parliament is that they both pay and receive bribes. The rhythm at which they stand is sit is based on the live transactions happening in their bank accounts,” he added


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