Wimal Weerawansa To Be Exported To Europe After Being Granted GSP+

WimalChief shouter of the Joint Opposition, Wimal Weerawansa is expected to be exported to Europe within the next month after gaining GSP+ status from the European Union.

A spokesman for the authority that issues the accreditation said, “We need shouty people in this part of the world and after conducting an assessment of the available options we felt that Wimal is the right candidate. He is also a right-wing candidate which fits the direction that Europe is headed towards. He also has a wife with either passports so the new restriction on the freedom of movement will not hamper their family.”

Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe said, “At the last cabinet meeting it was decided that the first export under GSP+ will be Wimal Weerawansa. A number of criminals who are languishing in jails have said that conditions have got worse in Wimal was taken into custody. Apparently, he won’t shut up and tells a lot of lies. The current inmates say they have not stooped to that level and have limited their illegal activity to theft and assault.”

The government has said that depending on the success of the programme Mervyn Silva and Bandula Gunawardena are next in line to be exported.

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