Witchcraft Lady’s ODI and T20 Charges Are Double Those For Tests And I Couldn’t Afford All Formats: Chandimal

DCSSri Lanka’s surprise cricketer (considering one does not know what form he will turn up in) Dinesh Chandimal today said that the reason they were only able to triumph at the recent Test series against Pakistan and not the ODI and T20 matches is due to his Witchcraft lady’s fee structure with almost double the charge for shorter forms of the game.

In an interview, the sorcerer said, “Just like the players have a fee structure based on the format of the game, so do I. As there is more money in the shorter form of the game with higher attendance, TV rights and sponsorship money, I too feel I should be compensated more for ODIs and T20s. I was happy to give my blessings to the team for all formats of the game but Dinesh could only afford the Test match fee.”

“However, I have decided to offer a  buy-one-get-one-free offer for the upcoming India series and if Thilanga is willing to not pocket the coffers for himself, then the team will be able to get my blessings. However, the maximum I can do for the standard fee for the series against our neighbours is to avoid a heavy defeat. In order to bless them for a win, just like the players I need a large win bonus,” she added

Dinesh Chandimal said, “The reason our form has been poor is that we have not appointed a Head Witchcraft Lady for the team on a full-time basis. Having talent is one thing, but by employing witchcraft, it gives us an excuse anytime we lose, which looks to be very regularly on current form.”

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