Woman Who Switched To Bar Soap Feeling More Empowered And Confident Than When Using Lux

barsoapA woman who decided to switch from Lux to unbranded bar soap said that despite her concerns, she managed to come away from her shower with even more confidence and empowerment than having used Lux, thus questioning whether this has anything to do with the soap at all.

In a Facebook post, the woman said, “Lux sells is soap under the guise that it is empowering and will also give you confidence. Well, thank god I have deodorant to mask that bullshit. I ran out of Lux one day and just had to grab the bar soap I usually use to wash the dishes. After the shower I noticed that I was even more confident than when I use Lux, which made me question their assertions.”

“I checked the ingredients and most certainly does not contain empowerment or confidence. But does contain lots of soap,” she added.

Another woman is set to eat a cake of Lux after realising that she wasn’t getting enough confidence by just applying it during a shower. “What’s the point of that, if you are going to wash it off? Better to try and eat and be more confident –  straight to the gut.”

Scientists have said that one side effect of Lux that women should be aware of is that they may end up lip-synching songs of other artists, which Pooja Umashanker suffered from at a recent event. They also have requested the public to ignore all the marketing soap spiel when a recent study revealed that “It’s just fucking soap”.


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