Yahapaalanaya Celebrate Second Anniversary With Accepted Modern Gift Theme: China

ChinaThe Yahapaalanaya Government said that it would be celebrating the second anniversary of coming into power with the accepted modern gift theme to mark the occasion – China.

China has warmly welcomed the gesture and said it was happy to be extending its reach over Sri Lanka hope to complete a full acquisition of the country in the coming years. A spokesman for China said, “We started the process of buying Sri Lanka during the last Government when they started selling us stuff because they needed the money. When I say they I don’t mean the Government. When the new lot came into power they initially tried sidelining us and appealing to India and the US. But the former hate us and the latter don’t believe we exist. So on this second anniversary, we are grateful they have come back to China.”

“We have now taken another 15,000 acres as off yesterday from Sri Lanka for a free trade zone. We heard that some people threw stones in protest so we know that we will have to ensure we can fight primitive weapons when we install security for the area. In case they want to play stone, paper, scissors, we’ll also come prepared,” he added.

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