Panama Papers Uncover 11.5 Million Docs; Daily Mirror Unveils 11.5 Million Adverts

DMAThe Daily Mirror has responded to the ground-breaking investigative journalism that resulted in the release of a cachè of 11.5 million documents of significant public interest, by itself releasing 11.5 million adverts with no public interest whatsoever.

The Panama Papers which lifted the lid on the inner financial workings of the political elite has already irritated several people as a result of the revelations. However, the Daily Mirror says that it has irritated more people than the Panama Papers and that it should be recognised for its efforts in exposing people to irrelevant adverts.

Speaking at a media briefing to mark the release, the editor of the Daily Mirror said, “By publishing these 11.5 million adverts the public will be able to know that products made offshore are now available to them. So far the adverts have revealed that Urban Homes is struggling to sell apartments in their development which is why their advert has been running for so long and that if you have a credit card you reduce the way you waste money on unnecessary products by around 20%. We will continue to cover this and other stories on our website with more intrusive advertising.”

One advertiser said, “I hope my name is not revealed as part of this campaign. I only agreed to place in an advert on the site because they promised me a large number of something called impressions, even though my ad is at the bottom of the page where no one can see it. And my media agency said it was an advertising haven, but that is because they get 15% tax-free kick back. So they have colluded to take my money and I get sent figures which may mean nothing. But I have done nothing illegal.”


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