SL Yoga Students Focus On Downward Doggy Position In Bid To Get Adopted By Scottish Tourists

DogSeveral Sri Lankans who want to leave the country are planning on joining Yoga classes and practising the downward dog position in a bid to get noticed by Scottish tourists in the hope that they would migrate with them.

The strategy was taken up following the story of a dog who ended up in Dundee after a Scottish national picked him up from the streets of Sri Lanka and who is know enjoying haggis and fried Mars Bars. One yoga student said, “It’s all about the doggy positions. Upward is good but downward dog is the one that seems to get one more noticed  I mean if a dog can get to go the Scottish highlands just by stretching naturally, why can’t I?  I have several other dog positions but I am not sure if they are yoga related and they maybe dodgy.”

The dog who migrated to Scotland said, “Well I’d rather be on the streets of Dundee than on the streets of Colombo. I’ve acclimatised well to this place and even managed to find a local Sri Lankan restaurant which gives me their scraps. When my aunt comes over she brings me frozen Lumprai and mango chutney. It gets cold during the winter but in return I also can call the RSPCA if my owner does anything as so much as even throwing a fake ball. He gets imprisoned, and I get his house. That’s how things go down over here.”

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