China’s Alibaba Eyeing SL, In Search Of Forty Thieves. Mainly In Parliament: Finance Ministry


E-commerce giant Alibaba has informed the Ministry of Parliament that it is interesting in investing in the country in search of forty thieves to complete its corporate mission, according to a press release by the Finance Ministry.

Chairman of the company Jack Ma said, “Despite being a global company and having millions of products for sale on our platform we have been unable to recruit the required forty thieves to the organisation. We’ve scoured the globe in search of them but having met Sri Lanka Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake, I have hope that we can find another thirty-nine of his ilk in the island and we hope to start operations there soon.”

Ravi Karunanayake said, “Alibaba is looking for a mix of thieves and I have assured him that we have several ranging from petty to corporate and everything in between. We also have some political thieves as well and there is no doubt that we can find forty of them in Parliament. I am glad that he has described me as one of the best after discovering that my nickname is ‘Rogue One’,” he added.

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