Cricketers Reject SLC Contract; Begin Talks With Sajith Premadasa For New Jobs

spAs a result of the contractual impasse between Sri Lanka Cricket and the team, a source close to negotiations has revealed that a number of players have opened discussions with MP Sajith Premadasa in order to secure lucrative jobs in his private ministry which he has been offering to select individuals.

The administrators of Sri Lanka cricket made an offer of new contractual terms which the team rejected as it didn’t include a provision to prevent Ramith Rambukwella from being selected. One senior member of the team speaking on the condition of anonymity said, “They want to pay us less. But what happens when Rambukwella drives his car into one of ours after practice or outside a nightclub? Who is going to pay for that? We want the new terms to ensure we are covered for this eventuality.”

“They also want to pay to be aligned to performance. We are okay with this as long as we get to pick the opposition. We are happy to play against Bahamas, Ireland, The Netherlands and Zimbabwe. If not we will go and ask Sajith Premadasa for jobs as he is just dishing them out. Our fast bowlers will make good security personnel as they can chase down thieves, while the spinners will make great spokespersons for ministers, ” he added, adjusting his cap.

Sajith Premadasa also lashed out at Ramith Rambukwella said he won’t even get a job in sorting mail if he was caught drinking again.

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