Disgraceful Behaviour By JO In Parliament Says UNP Who Behave Disgracefully Outside Parliament

Ranil Hora jSeveral members of the UNP have accused the Joint Opposition of acting disgracefully in Parliament this afternoon in a heated session, while themselves acting disgracefully outside Parliament over the past couple of years.

Dr Harsha De Silva said, “I can’t believe that the Joint Opposition have stooped to the same levels as us, albeit in different locations. They totally disrupted Parliamentary proceedings, just like we disrupted a Bond Auction. I saw Gamini Lokuge start the fracas this afternoon, but I didn’t see Arjun Mahendran initiate the Bond Scandal although everyone else did. I have selective blindness when it comes to highlighting misdemeanours of the UNP.”

Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe said, “Before this Parliament discusses the most recent Bond Scandal, we demand a forensic examination of the Bond Auctions that happened under the Portuguese and the Dutch. We have to go in chronological order. Just because ours was the biggest and most recent. it doesn’t mean legal proceedings should begin now.”

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