GMOA Head Office Tops List Of New Garbage Disposal Sites Following Public Poll

gmoaA recent public poll conducted by the Ministry of Environment has indicated that the preferred location for a new waste disposal location was the headquarters of the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA).

A Ministry spokesperson said, “The results from the vote were undoubtedly conclusive after an overwhelming majority voted for the GMOA headquarters as the new waste disposal centre. 75% of people who voted picked that location with the Parliament coming in second place. Further in-depth interviews conducted with some of the respondents revealed that they considered the GMOA a ‘waste of space’ so it can be used as ‘space for waste’”

One garbage disposal expert said, “More than half the time these doctors are on strike so we can maximise the effective use of their offices by storing garbage there, something that they are used to already. We will also let them channel the rubbish privately should they wish to and earn more money, while pretending to care about their patients.”


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