Iraj Confirms The ‘You Don’t Need Talent To Go Viral On The Internet’ Theory With Latest Music Video

Iraj 6Soft porn director and aspiring singer Iraj today confirmed the theory that you do not need talent to get people to watch your video, with the release of his latest musical hit “I’m gonna eroticise someone else’s story”, released last evening.




The graph on the top right of the above image shows the current view of Galle Face with the Kingsbury hotel on the far right, or the point of the video where everyone’s brinjal exploded like a volcanic mountain during the video.

A Government spokesperson said, “Given his lack of originality and creativity, we feel he will fit right into Cabinet and we will be handing over responsibility to look at developing arts in the country. If this means that people have to eat bananas suggestively then so be it. We also sent a link to the video to all sausage manfacturers, so they follow the proper production procedure going forward.”

Iraj said, “All publicity is good publicity, especially when all publicity is bad publicity!”.

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