Marty Mcfly’s Scheduled Arrival Today Delayed Due To Rajagiriya Traffic Jam

BTTF2The highly anticipated arrival of Back to the Future Hero Marty Mcfly today was cast in doubt due to a major disruption in Rajagiriya area as result over the confusion over the one way system and the resulting in a traffic jam, leaving no room for the Delorean to land.

McFly, who is not Scottish, is believed to have sent a fax from 1985, received by the Sri Lankan Traffic Police this morning, which indicated that although he had set his arrival date to 21st October 2015, he was concerned about the build-up of traffic and was reconsidering his options. However Doc Emmet Brown was more keen to make the journey and take advantage of the favourable monsoon weather and accompanying thunder storms, which would provide the required 1.21 gigawatts should they need to go Back To The Future.

Marty’s fax also stated that he looked forward to arriving in 2015 and seeing radical changes including Ranil Wickramasinghe finally retired from politics, bus and tuk tuk drivers following the lane etiquette and the end of power cuts. In light of this the government is considering sending a fax back to 1985, before he departs, to manage his expectations.

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