Ravi K Takes Out Family Insurance Policy

raviThe Head of Finance of Yahapaalanaya Limited took out a Family Insurance Policy today when it emerged that he was not involved in the appointment of his Brother In Law to the position of Chairman at the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation

The new type of insurance policy, launched only last week, is currently only available to members of the current government and will provide a safety net to ministers and their families. It is also structured uniquely whereby instead of paying a premium for your insurance, family members get paid a salary for senior positions in organisations controlled by the government.

We contacted the new Chairman and asked what qualified him for the role as his only known experience was as a former policeman. He went on to explain “Policing is actually a form of insurance, especially traffic policing, and I have direct experience of this. You see, we try to protect citizens who have committed altercations from getting tickets or having to go to court. And as long as people pay us a fee, cash in hand of course, we can try and protect them. However, we don’t call it a premium but we have an internal term which I can’t divulge but it begins with the letter B”

In light of the new appointment the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation has amended its current tagline ‘Like a Father, Like a Mother’ to include ‘Like a Brother in Law’

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