As Bond Commission Prepares To Question Ranil, Elephant Departs Sanctuary And Heads Towards Room

Elly 2Colombo dwelling wildlife enthusiasts have expressed their delight on hearing the news that a large elephant was spotted making its way towards the room in the premises where the Bond Commission is taking place, just as the Commission prepares to question Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe.

One elephant enthusiast said, “I normally have to make long distance outstation trips in order to capture a glimpse of these magnificent creatures, but to hear that one will actually be in Colombo is going to be an amazing sight. And the thought that Ranil Wickremasighe is going to standing be beside the animal at the Bond Commission, but the Prime Minister will be the actual elephant in the room is just mind-boggling.”

Mr Wickremasinghe said, “As the net closes in, I have asked that a UNP shaped hole be cut into the net to allow for circulation and certain people including myself to make a hasty getaway. People forget that there was a Bond scandal under former Govt, when the then Central Bank Governor, Ajit Cabral purchased a copy of Spectre and decided to expense it despite the DVD being for personal use. This is double standards and we ask that the Commission investigates that transaction as well.”

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