Colombo Fastest Growing City: Land Reclamation Success

LRColombo was ranked as the fastest growing city, according to people to measure this kind of thing. The city grew at a rate of 21 surf board lengths per month since the start of the land reclamation programme, which was enough to place Colombo at the top of the list.

The previous regime was quick to claim credit and criticised the government for trying to halt such programmes of growth.

Speak at a press conference, the former Secretary of Defence said “We wanted to ensure growth for Colombo and began with the Port City project to grow the city by 450 hectares, after reclaiming 600 hectares already for an extended port. We had plans to reclaim and grow the city much more but we did some dodgy stuff and now are no longer in government”

Single men were particularly critical of the expansion plans and the affect on marine life but were reassured after being informed that “There are enough fish in the sea, so you can still have Hot Buttered Cuttlefish for one”.

Skyscrapers are also now contributing to the growth of the city taking up several cubic feet of the ozone layer above the city.

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