Elephant Not Discussed

ElephantThe government today accused the Former The Fence secretary of not revealing his ownership of a number of Elephants in his possession, who were housed by a room, by the common tactic known as not discussing the Elephant in the room.

Reports from insiders have said that the despite regular visits to the room and the Elephant waving vigorously to the invited guests no was willing to address the matter of how and why they were there. Some observers pointed out to the fact that there was a media circus outside the house and the Elephant may have been interested in joining them.

We asked the Elephant for a comment and he said ‘I am not interested in the circus. If I was I would have joined the UNP. On which note I have said I don’t want to be on their flag anymore as I no longer lead the party and I am disappointed that minorities like ants and orangutans are under represented’.  Following which he said “Oh it’s Perehara night or as we Elephants call it Fancy Dress party.”

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