First SL Pokemon Go Fatality Recorded As Pikachu Shot Dead Outside Magistrates’ Court

PDEadShootings outside Sri Lanka courts which have been on the rise in recent months took a new twist this morning when a Pikachu, who attended court as a witness, was shot dead outside a magistrate’s court in Bambalapitiya marking the first Pokemon Go related fatality in Sri Lanka, although unlike in other countries it was a character this time round.

The Pikachu was testifying in a criminal case and was attempting to flee the court after several Sri Lankans who are into Pokemon Go were said to have been heading towards the court to try and capture it and increase their standing in the game. However, before a single player could capture him with a Poke Ball, he was hit by a single bullet and died at the scene despite attempting to flee in a scooter. Police suspect someone related to the main suspect to have committed the crime.

Several Pokemon Go players who were at the scene were outraged and have said that they will find the killer and express their utmost displeasure. One gamer said, “I have been searching high and low across the city in desperation to try and get a Pikachu and I when I heard that one was taking the stand at the magistrate’s court I made a bee-line there only to find out he had been shot dead.”

“I am outraged and have told the police they can count on me to help find the Pikachu’s killer and I will use other gaming apps that I have installed to help them and also have handed over my Nintendo Wii, Playstation 4 and X-box to that they can find the exact whereabouts of the assassin. I have told them to first check the streets of Grand Theft Auto.”

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