Man Arrested In Burqa At BIA Sues Fancy Dress Shop Believing He Bought Darth Vader Suit

DB3FA man who purchased a Burqa from a fancy dress shop in Colombo after believing it was a Darth Vader costume that he actually picked up in order to surprise his girlfriend has sued the store after authorities at the airport arrested and informed him that it was indeed a religious garment and not one that would transport him to the dark side.

Speaking from his cell at the airport the man said, “My girlfriend is a big Star Wars fan and despite the handsome looking, clean cut boys being on the good side, she had a dark streak within her which drew her towards Darth Vader who she fantasized about regularly. I’m more of a Trekkie myself and convinced my girlfriend to dress up as one to spice up our love life and she agreed only on the condition that I would don a Darth Vader kit.”

“So I went to the Fancy Dress shop in Borella and asked for a Darth Vader suit and they brought out this full black kit which I took for being him. I then decided to go pick up my girlfriend dressed in that garb and surprise her when she was returning from Qatar. It was only when the authorities pounced and apprehended me did I know that what I had been sold was a Burqa,” he added.

“I am now seeking legal advice and hoping to sue the fancy dress shop. I hear they are selling Mahinda masks saying they are Donald Trump.”

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