Government To Repeat 100 Day Plan

100 DayThe Government today announced that as a result of public euphoria during its 100 day plan and the lack of any further course of action in the weeks following that period, resulting in a heatwave of discontent, that they will be reimplementing the 100 day plan, every 100 days.

A spokesperson said analysis revealed that during the 100 day programme public sentiment was at its peak during the Avurudu extra long weekend in April when most of the population were in food induced coma, having forgotten about politics completely. However since then polls have revealed a slump in popularity much like the Rajapakse’s rugby playing careers. “The manifesto was only for 100 days and the booklet didn’t tell us what to do after, so we are now a little lost for direction” a member of the current cabinet added.

The Opposition stated that the public were no longer satisfied with the Government and pointed out that ‘Public support for this government is going up and down unlike the lifts at the JAIC Hilton which are now stuck as a result of Yahapaalanaya’

Just like the direction of the increasing number of apartment blocks, sales of lifts in Sri Lanka are going up suggesting a correlation.

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