Inspired By Kanye, Ravi Releases Rap Album Titled ‘The Life Of Pabilis’ In Bid To Get Zuckerberg To Invest $1 Billion

RK RapRavi Karunanayake, who won a rap battle in Parliament by making up lyrics on the spot to create the hit ‘Budget 2016’, today said that he would be releasing the track, which lasts 4 hours, in an album called ‘The Life Of Pabilis’. (Sadly a lot of the lyrics were amended by his producer MY3)

The Minister Of Finance said that the aim of releasing the album was to try and secure much needed foreign exchange for the country and he hopes to get the attention of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who was called out by nutjob Kanye West for a similar scheme. Speaking at the launch event of the album Mr Karunanayake said, “I’ve known Kanye for a while and it is public knowledge that I was the inspiration for his hit song ‘Gold Digger’. So it wasn’t a surprise that I was drawn to his album ‘The Life Of Pablo’ for my forthcoming launch.”

“’The Life Of Pabilis’ is musical story of a lower middle-class Sri Lankan aspiring to improve his life, loses all hope after the price of cars were increased in the budget to beyond the means of most people while he no longer able to afford the occasional imported luxury due to the depreciating rupee, both of which I had nothing to do with,”  he added

The album will be released on the Ministry Of Finance website to all Sri Lankans who have declared all the foreign earnings only.

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