Internet Addiction Added To List Of Mental Disorders Which Includes Being A SL Politician

MR5A leading Psychiatrist has said that Internet Addiction should be classified as a Mental Disorder and added to the list which includes being a Sri Lankan Politician, which for however there is very little help.

Announcing her campaign to get the General Medical Council to support this classification the psychiatrist said, “We have known for a while that being a Sri Lankan politician causes mental instability almost overnight. The signs including incoherent babbling at press conferences, false promises, corruption, nepotism and being Wimal Weerasanse. Despite our best efforts to try and contain the situation, it seems there has been an increase in the desire for people who are already suffering from being idiots to become politicians and compound their condition, adding to the nation’s woes.”

“Internet Addiction is a real problem as people are using these technologies to improve their lives by getting better quality and more rounded news, saving time and being connected. These things must be curbed. And if a politician succumbs to internet addiction we will immediately have to remove them from society and put them in an asylum and the mental disorder of that magnitude will be difficult to recover from,” she added.

In other news, every one in one person has been described as having a mental disorder after Internet Addiction was added to the list.

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