Millions Fooled By Facebook Hoax

facebook-hoaxInternet users across the world were hoodwinked after falling prey to the ‘Facebook Hoax’ when it became apparent that providing personal details to a social network that sold it to advertisers and posting a running commentary of their daily lives failed to provide any level of happiness or form of contentment.

The hoax, which has so far turned millions of people in to a mix of virtual peeping toms and exhibitionists has gone viral over the last 11 years and instead providing strong social connections to forms bonds across continents, has led primarily to narcissism, envy, jealous, an addiction to wasting time plus the over sharing of motivational quotes that mainly give you the motivation to scroll down to read more motivational quotes on Facebook.

While the network has helped spread a degree of activism and highlight stories that mainstream media would otherwise not carry, its biggest success has been to allow people to continuously share pictures of themselves in case their friends forget what they look like.

In a related story thousands of people who recently posted a notice forbidding Facebook to use their personal data were in for a rude shock when the social network accidentally acknowledged all posts with the middle finger instead of the customary thumbs up, which the company have blamed on a technical glitch.

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