MS Issues Conditions for MR’s Nomination Including Removing Scarf

Maithripala-MahindaSources from inside the SLFP and UPFA camps have suggested that Maithripala has imposed a number of stringent conditions on Mahinda in return for agreeing to support the latter’s nomination for the General Election including the request to remove his trademark scarf

‘We live in a tropical climate and by wearing a scarf he is suggesting we go through cold spells which will affect tourism. Although Sri Lanka has four seasons – hot, hot with rain, effing hot and Christmas – there is clearly no need to wear a scarf’ the President was overheard saying in an internal party meeting.

According to the sources, Mahinda will also only be allowed to contest under the Rebel Alliance minus key and dodgy rebels and in one district despite suggestions he would appear on ballot papers across the country. He will also only be permitted to campaign on the basis of defeating already defeated terrorism, building existing highways and promoting religious and racial division.

It is expected that in addition to scarves, nominees will be taking their gloves off during the campaign period

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