Office Worker Very Keen To Discuss Weekend Rain Forced To Chat About Asela Gunaratne Instead

asleaAn office worker who planned on discussing how the torrential rain had left his weekend plans in disarray was forced to chat about the heroics of Sri Lankan batsman Asela Gunaratna instead after his outstanding innings inspired victory over the Aussies, despite the team initially seemingly heading towards defeat.

The rain enthusiast said, “The downpour we experienced was sensational. The rhythm of the falling rain, the beat of thunder, the interruption of Dialog TV and the trip switch going off – it was harmonic. I was planning on asking others in the office about their wonderful experience of the rain, but everyone seems to be discussing some bloke called Asela Gunaratne. Most of them heard of him only yesterday and acting like he was their neighbour. If only it rained in Australia, then I wouldn’t have to discuss him.”

A person in another office said, “I was planning on having a cursory two minute chat with this annoying co-worker about the rain, but ended up chatting to him for over an hour about this Asela chap. I wish I told him I didn’t watch the match because he is now further annoying me. This is the problem with sport – you spend three times as much time talking about it after compared to time spent actually watching it.”


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