People Who Don’t Read Restaurant Reviews Enjoy Their Food More Than People Who Do Confirms Study

foodA man who dined at a restaurant oblivious to the fact that was derided by several websites said that it was one of the best meals he ever had until he was informed that it was only rated as ‘meh’ by critics, at which point he decided to change his opinion as well.

The man said, “It’s unforgivable that I didn’t read what someone who has been eating all their life said about the place, although having eating every day of my life as well, I am unqualified to have an opinion unless I label myself a ‘foodie’. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and was about to tell my friends about it when I was informed that several food review platforms had rated the place badly. It was then that I remembered that the Red Curry could have been a bit more Scarlet in colour than Ruby and that, because there weren’t any fireworks that went out in my mouth when I ate the steamed rice, it was obviously shit.”

Another diner said, “The other day a blind man came into this cafe I was at and ordered a burger which he loved. It was really sad that he didn’t have the ability to look at their presentation or see the Instagram feed of the food site beforehand, which said that the meals were not photogenic, as he could have then not relied on his own taste buds to decide for himself and gone somewhere else instead.”

In a related story, Reverend Kirby has been identified as Sri Lanka’s only non-foodie.

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