Wildfires Amazed At The Speed False Rumours Spread In Colombo, Fuelled By Gullibility

Colombo RumourA number of wildfires across the globe have spoken about their astonishment at the speed at which false rumours spread in Colombo fuelled by gullibility.

One Californian wildfire said, “We work very hard to extend our reach at breakneck speeds in order to maintain our reputation as per the widely used phrase. But, recently we are hearing that the pace at which false rumours disseminate and are believed in Colombo is quicker than ours. Just last night, the story that there was another petrol shortage reached 1 to 100 WhatsApp Groups in just 2.3 seconds, which is faster than the new Tesla.”

An Australian wildfire said, “We are monitoring the situation closely as we do not want the term ‘it spread like a Colombo rumour’ to come into common parlance. One of the key reasons for the rapid dissemination in Colombo has been the high levels of gullibility and panic among the population. They are also coming very close to British levels of keenness to queue, although they lack the etiquette.”

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