Amazon Alexa and Google Home Device Sales Slow In SL As Parents Prefer ‘Putha’ And ‘Dhuwa’ Tech

agSales of electronic personal assistant devices in Sri Lanka including Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home will take several years to get going after a new study confirmed that parents prefer their current ‘Putha’ and ‘Dhuwa’ technology.

One parent who participated in the study said, “My son who came from the US last week brought me one of these new Google Home gadgets saying that I can talk to it and it will help me out. I told him that is exactly what he is there for and I don’t need any gadgets. Anyway, I thought I’ll try for a week and see but it turned out to be a disaster.”

“One thing is that I have to ask it a question, whereas with my son I just tell him what to do and the expectation is clear – no need of any questions or ‘please’. On the second day, I couldn’t get the gadget to work to told my son to give it orders and pass the message. My son that defeats the purpose, to which I replied to take it back” she added.

“It also could not answer several basic questions I put to it like – Why is my son still not married? Is my cousin Renuka’s marriage on the rocks? Is Love Bar or Park Street the best place to be seen tonight”

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