Bond Commission Told That Arjun Aloysius Sent Texts With 😘 Emoji To Ravi Karunanyake

Arjun-12Text messages extracted from the phone of former Perpetual Treasuries executive Arjun Aloysius revealed that he had sent SMS messages with affectionate emojis to Ravi Karunanayake and father-in-law Arjun Mahendran during the period that the alleged Central Bank bond scandal took place.

This was revealed during cross-examination of the former Central Bank Governor yesterday at the Presidential Commision of Inquiry.

Mr Mahendran said, “I don’t know what these pictures that Mr Aloysius sent me refer to. I just told him I had arranged for his company to make a multi-billion rupee profit from the auction of government bonds and replied with a picture of Pac Man and a heart. I thought he had just reached a new level of the game and didn’t think anything of it. As he didn’t say thank you explicitly, you can’t accuse me of any wrong-doing.”

Ravi Karunanayake said, “We have been sending the hug emoji to each other few times, but there is nothing illegal or unethical going on. I’m definitely only in the friend zone and apparently, that is what happens in this area. I heard he ran out of money when I said I would delay the inquiry into Perpetual Treasuries so he sent me the hug emoji instead.”

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