Having Forgotten To Bring Pens To The Press Conference, Gammanpila Pulls Out Next Best Thing

SwordReal life Loony Toon Udaya Gammanpila today told journalists attending his press conference if they really thought that their pens were mightier than swords while exhibiting a set of the weapons.

Having forgotten to take his medication, former Minister Gammanpila waving his sword said, “My brain is no longer the sharpest thing in this room.  Some people think the pen is mightier than the sword but they haven’t seen my sword. Or my pen is. So I had to put it on display. The truth of the matter is that when I am no longer able to present a coherent argument with facts, I have no option but to resort to violence. And a medieval mindset needs medieval weapons.”

One journalist fleeing from the press conference said, “I am going to need a new pen.”

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