It’s Like Kandos Choconuts; Everyone Got Fooled By The PR And Big Box Only To See Very Few Balls

KandosSri Lanka’s legendary opening batsman Sanath Jayasuriya together with his advertising agency were today presented with the award for the PR campaign of the decade after it was revealed that public were left with the larger than life impression which turned out to be just great packaging

One member of the public said, “It’s like Kandos Choconuts. If you open the box it is less than a quarter full of balls. It didn’t use to be like that and everyone kept talking how full they thought it was, but it has come to light they just wanted to hoodwink customers to think that the packet it is full. Once you open and put some in your mouth you realise that it’s over before you even know it. My last box lasted only 2 minutes 50 seconds. Anyway, it’s just like that.”

Presenting the Cannes Lion to the Sri Lankan Lion, the panel of judges said, “Until we saw the TV commercial this morning we too thought that there was more on offer. It is amazing how impactful the PR effort has been over the last couple of decades and he thoroughly deserves the award. Unfortunately, he won’t win any awards at the Oscars due to shoddy camera work and poor acting despite what we thought was a large part.”

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