Lecturers To Walk And Talk In Bid To Educate Constantly Protesting University Students

sri-lanka-university-students-protesting-against-privationsA number of lecturers at Sri Lanka’s Government Universities said they have undergone training in the art of walking and talking in a bid to keep up with students of their respective faculties who are in a constant state of protests.

The lecturers said the new programme, dubbed Walkie Talkie, is being introduced immediately after being put under pressure by university chancellors to deliver education to students who are never there. The students meanwhile said that they believed that protesting would count towards their final grade which is why they undertook these marches which caused havoc on the roads of Colombo.

Shouting through a loudspeaker, leader of the student union and his students were heard chanting

‘What Do We Want?’

‘To Protest’

‘When Do We Want It?’

‘To Protest’

‘Ara ara ara ara – lanuwa udin ara’

Meanwhile the police force, who have been accused of being heavy handed in dealing with the protestors, have said that they were only trying to teach them a lesson. Police spokesperson D.G. Thaga said ‘When we informed that students were on the way we thought we should show them a thing or two and we ended up showing them the two by four. Having seen the replay I think we should have been penalised.’

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