Ranatunga Family Ranked 60th In World Prosperity Index, Just Ahead Of Sri Lanka

Rana Fam FinalThe Government of Sri Lanka  were in double celebration mode after the being entered twice in the World Prosperity Index announced this morning; the island was ranked 61st, and the Ranatunga Family came in straight at number 60 after an incredibly prosperous year for the tribe.

The President of the Family, Arjuna, was propelled back in to success after backing the winning horse at the local elections and having managed to cross over without a runner, which we previously reported. The former national cricket captain, who famously led a walk out during his playing career, walked straight in to the position of Minister of Ports and Shipping.

In a completely unrelated, unconnected, non nepotic, distinct and separate story, his brother Dhammika who famously walked out of the cricket pitch because he wasn’t any good at the game, was appointed Chairman of the Ports Authority, further increasing the prosperity of the family.

In addition, Nishantha Ranatunga, who held senior but apparently non-conflicting roles at Sri Lanka Cricket and the Broadcast company that secured right to that cricket, Carlton Sports, continues to benefit from income from the latter. For a while he was Chairman of Mihin Lanka and also allegedly at one point owned a highly lucrative franchise to distribute beer in certain districts.

The Rakapakse Family, which was ranked in the top 10 most prosperous nations last year, dropped down to number 113.

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