Mahinda visits Jordan

jordan flag 23President Rajapakse today met with up Jordan on as a part of a state visit of ex NBA Players. Among the items on the agenda discussed was defence, which Jordan has considerable experience in having bagged the Defensive Player of The Year award in the 87/88 season.

The President was hosted by Jordan in the Hashemite Court and randomly King Abdulla of Jordan was also in attendance. Jordan also passed on his knowledge in areas that Mr Rajapakse was aiming to beef up on including dominating an era, doing a three-peat of victorious terms and sticking your tongue out at the opposition without making people feel like you are mocking them.

The premier has also scheduled to meet other leading statesmen as part of his tour including including Kareem Abdul Jabbar (to discuss how to prevent anyone from reaching you),  Dominique Wilkins (On how to build Windmills) but refused to meet Larry Bird citing that it could not be his real name.

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