White van seen near Malaysian Airlines flight

In a new twist, it is now being reported that a White Van was seen flying alongside the ill fated Malaysian Airlines flight moments before it disappeared.

An anonymous source revealed that he witnessed the van alongside the airline, but after both vehicles were hidden from view by a passing cloud he only was able to see the van once the cloud had moved on. The source was confident that the plane went missing at that moment, based on a personal account of having himself recently resurfaced after going missing in a white van.

Speaking to us he said ‘I was also recently travelling along a side road in the Dehiwala area when a white van appeared from nowhere, bundled me in and I disappeared for a number of weeks. I was not carrying any passengers of value, nor had I entered any unauthorised airspace so I do not know the reason for my disappearance. The last thing I remember was telling a friend that I was going to Geneva to talk about human rights’

Armed with this information, the Malaysian Authorised are also pursuing a line inquiry in to the Human Rights views of flight MH307.

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