Namal Makes Hospital Pass to Himself after CID Summons

NamalThe CID today said it had unintentionally omitted to tell the former first son he might be very dodgy, after sending a letter of summons requesting him to attend a meeting.

The Na Flower today expressed his surprise on receiving a notice to record a statement at the CID, stating in a Tweet that he had not received a reason for why he was being summoned.

Speaking to a journalist the former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain said ‘I don’t know why they want to me come. I have a suspicion it’s because during a friendly match a few years ago I didn’t bind to the scrum properly. Most players who commit that offence get warned by the referee or worst case sent to the sin bin, so I don’t know why I am being asked to come to the CID’

Asking to confirm the suspicions made by the first son the CID stated that ‘We don’t normally comment on these matters until they are complete but we are expecting him to make a Hospital Pass to himself on the way here and end up injured like several of his former colleagues and uncle.

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