Namal’s Human Rights Complaint Moved Up UNHRC Agenda But Only After Vote On 2020 Xmas Party Venue

namal 2The UNHRC today said that they had noted the tweet sent this morning by former President’s son, Namal Rajapakse, complaining about a violation of human rights and that the Council have moved it up the agenda before the debate on the introduction of cherry tea in the canteen but only after a vote on the location of the 2020 Christmas party.

A spokesperson for the UNHRC said, “The Council has several items that we have to discuss over the next week and one of the key tasks in prioritising them. As a result of a previous complaint we had noted Mr. Rajapakse’s grievances, but following the tweet, this morning have bumped it high up the agenda from number 435 to 387. Among the more pressing matters include debating who the Last Jedi actually is and deciding who should go dressed up as Donald Trump to the Halloween party.”

“Once these urgent issues are dealt with we will eventually get onto the matter Namal Rajapakse’s human rights issue. We hope until then he will be able to enjoy the same treatment that he and his family dished out when they were in power and violated the human rights of several people,” the spokesperson added.


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