Newsfirst Tells Canagey The Truth Hurts; ICTA Chief Tells MTV News Outlet That Mega Hurts

nfSri Lankan social media has been swamped with the public airing of dirty laundry in the spat between ICTA chief Muhunthan Canagey and broadcaster Newsfirst in the tussle of over megahertz frequency that has caused both parties mega hurts.

Newsfirst has questioned some aspects of the Google Loon project in a bid to discredit the much-delayed project using its media reach and paint Mr Canagey in a negative light. The ICTA director gave an interview explaining his position but questions still remain including why does my internet data run out quicker during peak hours vs non-peak hours, despite similar usage and why Rama is an anagram of mara.

Meanwhile Mr Canagey has branded Newsfirst as ‘fake news’, and has promised to allocate a new ‘alternate facts’ frequency to the broadcaster who is so threatened by the loss of their 700 Megahertz spectrum, despite not clarifying questions relating to how and the conditions under which it was obtained in the first place and deleting comments on their Facebook page from users probing them.

Meanwhile, News Curry is awaiting a response from the TRC with regards to the application for a Looney Toon frequency in the Love Hurts frequency spectrum.

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