People Of Ratmalana Demand Monthly Local Census After ‘Abductor’ Hirunika To Work In Area

hiru ratOne resident said, “She was arrested for abducting a person and threatening him with violence and her punishment was the world’s shortest time to get bail. After that, the case seems to have been completely forgotten by the Attorney General’s department and all the media. Sri Lanka is suffering from a case of viral amnesia with everyone from politicians to policemen to prominent businessmen seemingly forgetting everything but where they have hidden ill-gotten gains.”

Ms Premachadra said, “I have been appointed by the UNP to organise the area and in my book, from which I have torn some pages that I didn’t like, the best way to organise is by getting rid of certain people who don’t agree with me. I don’t agree with people who call it abduction because if I did I would be liable to be arrested. So I use other terms like asking them to come for a walk.”

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