‘Proud To Have A Parent Who Sent Me To The Same School’ Facebook Profile Frames Going Viral

rcoA number of people who generally benefitted from having a parent who sent them to the same school are declaring their pride of managing to pass an entrance exam or being forced to pay a bribe for the privilege of being admitted to the school.

One person who changed their profile picture said, “Words can’t express how proud I feel that my Mum went to the same school that I did. I don’t know how she knew to pick the exact same school that I attended. Although I failed my O/Level exam, had teachers who were more interested in after school tuition that teaching during school hours and was regularly bullied by both classmates and teachers, I am proud to have gone to a great school and I cannot show my appreciation any more than by changing my profile picture on Facebook for free and generating insignificant likes.”

Another former student of a leading school said, “I was fortunate that my dad was a politician which meant that he could exert enough pressure to get me admitted to a Colombo school despite not excelling in any education or athletic endeavour. I have decided to update my profile frame to ‘Proud My Dad Was An Influential Politician’”, he added.

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